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Important Evangelism Message for Texas Baptists

Josh McDowell, Evangelist

"Pastor, gives your people an edge and the courage to invite people to your church. I would personally encourage you to take advantage of Hey, go for it!"
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Pastor Tommy Ham
Cleveland's First Baptist Church

“We just finished introducing to our people. The program has been well received by our church. The Sunday we launched I preached a Great Commission message and showed the five minute training video. The following week when I asked how many were able to invite and evangelize, 70% of our people raised their hands! I am excited by the potential of getting more people involved in outreach. It is something everyone can do!”

Pastor Dave Qualls,
Gallman Baptist Church

"We started in our church Gallman Baptist Church three months ago with 70% consistently every month  commitment to hand out cards and we've not only seen our  attendance grow but have had people receive Jesus as their Savior get baptized and start serving the Lord as a result. As pastor, it thrills my heart to see our people fulfill God's vision He gave us for this year of initiating and inviting people weekly all over the community."
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